RINGANA Success in the name of freshness


The effectiveness of a product goes beyond the sum of its ingredients
In 1996, together with a team of experts driven by great passion, Andreas Wilfinger founded RINGANA. Since then it has always continued to develop and improve its products. In the foreground there is always the link with nature.
Absolute freshness
RINGANA products use delicate natural highly antioxidant substances. The purchase of raw materials, their processing, up to logistics and packaging: all processes are optimized in order to obtain guaranteed and unique freshness. The reason for all this almost leads to irony: the substances that allow us to remain young quickly lose their effectiveness.
Very high standards
In the field of plant active substances, there are great differences in quality. Weather, ripening and harvesting conditions: all these factors can influence quality. RINGANA uses standardized raw materials. This means that the main active ingredient of a raw material must always be of the same controlled quality.
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