Holidays on Lake Maggiore: views, history and ideas

Second in size only to Lake Garda, 80% of Lake Maggiore lies within Italy, with the remaining part in Switzerland.

This immense expanse of water, towered over by the Alps and surrounded by dense, luxuriant vegetation, contains no less than 11 islands distributed between Piedmont, Lombardy and Switzerland Reflected in its surface are enchanting castles, ancient palaces, villas and breathtaking scenery.

A truly unique and special setting, picture-perfect nature, to experience and absorb, where you can relax or enjoy your favourite sport, from cycling to swimming, golf and horse riding.

We are in Varese province, 2k from Luino, the main town on the Lombardy shore of Lake Maggiore. Elegance and innovation combine to enliven a little town completely skirted by the lakefront. Luino is also an important rail hub for all traffic from Milan to Switzerland. The streets of the town, which was the birthplace of the poet Vittorio Sereni and writer Piero Chiara, are abuzz with art and culture. Dario Fo lived in Luino, and it was here he made his stage debut at the Teatro Sociale. The town is also mentioned by Ernest Hemingway in his novel “A Farewell to Arms”.