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Relaxation and fun: the finest gift—a stay at the Camin Hotel Colmegna

A birthday, an anniversary, some important event and you are racking your brain over a suitable present for your loved ones?

Choose emotions instead of objects for a gift with a voucher for a stay at our Hotel—they’ll be amazed…and happy!
Fill the form and within a few days we shall send your Gift Voucher to the address you wish.
Do not forget to add a message for the person you are making a gift to, as well as your data.
What happens next?
You will soon receive a confirmation message including details on how to pay (either by credit card or bank transfer). Your voucher will be valid as soon as your payment is received and wille xpire on October 31, 2015.
Later, we shall send an email containing your Gift Voucher to the address you indicated.

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